Brushless DC Motor Controller

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Motor controller for a single brushless DC motor. Easy to communicate using USB or UART. The motor requires a 7 to 45V DC external power supply. The motor must have a hall sensor for it to work. Windows and Linux software available to get you started. Heat sink allows for continuous operation at 20A.

Key safety features include watchdog timeout, overcurrent protection, and USB electrical isolation to prevent damage to external components.   

Check the resource page for getting started, API, software, and Robot Operating System (ROS) driver. 

Motor Type  Brushless with Hall Sensors
Min Voltage  7V
Max Voltage  45V
Max Continous Current  20A
USB  Yes 
UART  Yes 3.3V
Regenerative braking  Yes
Control  Open Loop and PID Closed Loop Speed
Overcurrent Protection  Yes (Configure to 2A, 17.5A, or 45A)
Electric Isolation  Yes
Timeout  Yes can be configured
Hall Sensor Voltage  5V


Download windows software

Download Linux software (AppImage tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and higher)

Documentation / API

ROS Driver

Video on Getting Started 

Video Closed Speed Control of a Hub Motor

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